10 Great Diabetic Products You Should Try

diabetes products

Being diagnosed for the first time with diabetes can generate many doubts and can be scary, but the biggest question now is how to cope with it. To understand, measure, and control diabetes will make the diagnosis less frightening, which despite having some days more difficult than others due to the fluctuation of glucose levels, is quite manageable. Thanks to medical advances, there are now diabetes products such as blood glucose monitors that can help you manage your life with diabetes. It is very important for you to take some time to understand these devices, how they work and the benefits they offer to you. Read on to learn about ten diabetes products you should try.

1. Blood glucose monitor

There are several types of blood glucose monitors and you should choose the one that better suits you. Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) is portable and quick with results. However, you must consider the ongoing cost of test strips and the pain from finger pricks. Another type is the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) which alerts you through your smartphone if your sugar levels are too high or too low and you can easily keep track of your sugar levels 24/7. Nevertheless, this diabetes product requires implantation under the skin and could require daily finger prick tests for good calibration. 

2. Test strips

These strips are important for blood glucose monitors because blood is placed on the strip and the blood glucose monitor then indicates sugar levels. If you have type 1 diabetes it is recommended to have ketone testing strips as a diabetes product as ketones are an alternative source of energy to sugar. Generally, these use urine instead of blood. However, it is important to clarify that these are complementary to the blood strips because each measures different components of the body.  

diabetes test strip

3. Lancets

Lancets are very important to have in the kit as this diabetes product  is complementary to a blood glucose monitor as it helps in the process of drawing a blood sample to know your sugar levels. There are mainly two types: a lancet which has a double-edge needle or blade and are often disposable. There are some that come with a silicone over them and colors to make them more appealing for children and less harmful to grab. On the other hand, there is a lancing device which is also a blood-testing instrument, but it can adjust how deep the lancet pricks through the skin. 

4. Insulin (In case you need it)

Include it in your kit as a diabetes product and be sure to have needles, syringes, and alcohol swabs. If you have a reusable insulin pen it is advised for it to be in a separate case to have easy accessibility. 

5. Vibrating Pain Relief

If you find it difficult to adapt to the uncomfortable sensation of the daily insulin injections, there is a solution for you. There is a diabetes product that with a cold pack makes the area cold and starts transmitting vibrations near the injection area. These two actions will help the area to reduce sensation and make the injection more bearable. 

6. Diabetic Socks

For anyone who needs this diabetes product and needs proper foot care, these socks are designed to enhance blood circulation as some people may have damage to their nervous and circulatory systems caused by high levels of sugar in the blood. The differences between these socks and the general ones are: the diabetic socks are made out of moisture-wicking materials such as acrylic to allow the sweat of the feet to evaporate and lower the risk of infections. Another way to take care of your feet is to wash them daily and dedicate some time to dry them especially between the toes. Diabetes foot care also includes foot creams to moisturize the skin, edema boots for comfortability, and insoles to protect the skin. 

7. Diabetes Accessories

Having these accessories are helpful to be more organized and be more effective with the diabetes products needed daily.  One the most important ones is to have a diabetes organizer where you can reach all your supplies needed and have them handy and portable. Having different pockets will allow you to have all your supplies storage properly. It is highly recommended for it to be waterproof to avoid any incidents. Another important diabetes product is a container for the safe disposal of needles. Finally, a cooling pouch for insulin is used to store insulin bottles and pens in a safe way during the day. 

8. Diabetes Medical Alert bracelet

This is a diabetes product to have in case of an emergency in which your glucose levels are too high and you might need some assistance, especially those who need insulin. These bracelets can help doctors or any other person to treat you when you can’t speak for yourself. 

9. Control solution

Although this is not an essential diabetes product, it comes to be handy as it is a reliable method to test the accuracy of a blood glucose monitor and even test strips. If the test result is out of range (after trying at least twice) it means that either the monitor or the strips are nor working well and should be changed. 

10. Glucose tablets

These are chewable sugar tablets useful for people who need to raise their sugar levels in the blood in case of a sudden drop. Nowadays these diabetes products come in several flavors and are available in gel, liquids, or powders as well making it easier to be consumed. 

All these diabetes products are meant for you to be able to manage better your sugar levels in your blood to ease your days. Being ready and having a few extra pieces is recommended in case you need it or someone else. Additionally, if you have to stay away from home, it will be more comfortable to manage any situation. In case of any question of how to use any of these products or which brands or types are more suitable for you, it is recommended to ask your doctor as they can provide customized advice for your diabetes management.

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