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Be Strong, Your A Warrior!

It was about 2 years ago on December 29, 2018. It all started as a seasonal cold. I started not feeling too good on Christmas Eve. About 5 days later I started to notice that I wasn’t getting better, I was just getting worse and worse every hour. It was about 1 am and I couldn’t sleep because I felt weak, dizzy, and was constantly throwing up. I was staying at my mom’s house because when I was sick, I felt like I needed her around just in case. At about 2:30 am, I started getting the worse headache and I couldn’t stop throwing up. Then it started to progress from there, I lost my vision and could barely walk. I screamed “MOMMY” and my mom rushed out of her room and got me ready to take me to the hospital. It’s was about 3:40 am and I was rushed into the emergency room. 

After a couple of hours in the Emergency room….they had let my mom know that they need to transfer me to an ICU because I was getting into a diabetic coma….all I could remember was going in and out of sleep and seeing my mom crying in the corner. I could never forget how cold and purple I was, I had at least 20 heated blankets on me. It was about 8:30 am and I was being transferred to the ICU and they would take blood every 4 hours, I have about 8 different infusion sets…4 on one arm and 4 on the other. I was at the hospital for about 1-2 weeks; once I started to progress, my doctor had let me know that my life was going to change forever. I was told that I was needed to be put on insulin for the rest of my life and would have to change the way I eat. I officially diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Now….honestly life is better but it’s not where I would like it to be. Just having to get used to a change scared me. I know sometimes in life change could be good. I was just scared. There was a moment where I just wanted to pull my hair out because things just got frustrating. There were times where I just sat in the corner and cried my eyes out because I felt like things will just be hard all the time. There were times where I was hurt because I felt like my dad wasn’t there for me when I was in the ICU. After getting diagnosed, I have just been going through it. I have recently lost my dad to suicide and let me tell you, I would never wish this kind of pain on anyone! Losing him was just hurtful. I am happy we spoke before him leaving because I am grateful to have had such an amazing father. My dad deserved everything he wanted I do miss him dearly but he would want me to be happy all the time. I also have recently married my best friend, a man that has been there with me through sickness and health since day 1. I thank God for this man every morning and every night of every day!  

Overall, I was once told that I am a young woman that has been through a lot of trauma but always seems to have my head up high and is a very strong young woman. For anyone who has been through a lot please remember God has brought you into this life for a reason, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE A WARRIOR & YOU CAN DO THIS

 Be Happy, Be Positive and Always be Grateful for everything in life 

Stephanie Imbert
Hey Hey!! My Name is Stephanie, I am 21 years old and I am a type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago. I love meeting new people, I love hanging with family and I am open to getting into the diabetes community!! I would love to build something with my story and share my life with the world to help people that may need help

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