Celebrities with Type 2 Diabetes

celebrities with type 2 diabetes

Many people believe that celebrities are untouchable forces.  They are seen as superhumans, untouched by the concerns of everyday people and devoid of any medical conditions. However, slowly this perception is starting to change. Celebrities are allowing people to see who they are, and are beginning to be more open about conditions that affect them. People are beginning to realize that celebrities are just as affected by medical conditions or illnesses as the rest of the world. For many people dealing with type 2 diabetes, this increased openness about diabetes can be reassuring. It can allow those living with type 2 to know that they are not alone and possibly feel less ashamed about having type 2. Interested in learning about celebrities with type 2 diabetes? Read on to see which celebrities have opened up about having type 2 diabetes. 

Halle Berry 

From playing Storm in X-Men to playing catwoman, for those of us who grew up watching movies with Halle Berry, it seemed as though this talented actress was invincible! And for the most part, she is! However, what you might not know is Halle Berry had type 2 diabetes. In an Instagram post created in January 2018,  Halle Berry went on to write about her experience with living with type 2 diabetes for most of her life and how she was able to reverse her diabetes. Despite the idea that type 2 only affects older adults, Halle Berry showed the world that this isn’t always the case. Her openness not only helped people realize celebrities deal with health conditions too, but it offered people with type 2 hope that they too could possibly reverse their diabetes.

Randy Jackson 

For those of us who grew up watching American Idol, you will be familiar with this next person on our list. Randy Jackson was a former judge on the hit T.V show alongside Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. According to Health website, Randy was diagnosed in 2003 after feeling like he had come down with the flu. One of his biggest pieces of advice to those living with Type 2 is to make sure to go to your doctor and don’t shy away.  Randy Jackson is just one of the many celebrities with type 2 diabetes. Since his diagnosis, he has gone on to say that when you are  living with type 2 diabetes,  it is crucial to manage your diet and exercise to prevent complications. 

Tom Hanks 

Whether you know Tom Hanks as the voice of Woody from the Toy Story franchise or as Forrest Gump, there is no doubt that Tom Hanks has had an incredibly successful acting career.  It might be surprising then to find out that in 2013, Tom Hanks became one of the many celebrities with type 2 diabetes. After appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman and being asked about his recent weight loss, Tom Hanks revealed he had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  In a lighthearted manner, Tom Hanks addressed his diagnosis while providing hope that  living with type 2 diabetes was something that is controllable. 

George Lucas 

If you are familiar with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, then you surely know of the creator behind them, George Lucas. George Lucas is a film director, producer, and screenwriter. Amongst the other celebrities on this list, George Lucas is also one of the many celebrities living with type 2 diabetes.  According to the Diabetes U.K website, Lucas discovered he was a type 2 diabetic when he was drafted for the Vietnam war. During his physical, the doctors discovered he had type 2 diabetes and that he would not be able to go to Vietnam. As someone living with type 2 diabetes, Lucas has been able to maintain his blood sugar levels for years, serving as a positive role model for other type 2 diabetics. 

Lea DeLaria 

For many, Orange is the New Black was a show which helped change the course of television as it provided viewers with queer representation. Lea Delaria helped play a role in this,  as she took on the role of inmate Carrie better known as “Big Boo.”  After landing a recurring role in Orange is the New Black and obtaining insurance, it was only then that she learned she had been living with type 2 diabetes.  Lea’s diagnosis not only allows others living with type 2 to not feel so alone, but illuminates the issue of healthcare being inaccessible for many in America due to unaffordable costs. 

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can be scary, however you don’t have to go through it alone. We hope that by seeing this list of celebrities with type 2 you can see that this condition is something that many people deal with. Now that you know of celebrities that have type 2, it’s time to find your own community of people with diabetes. DMP is determined to do just that by providing a platform where people can connect with others living with diabetes and find the community support they need! 

Carolina Clarke
Carolina Clarke is the marketing copywriter at TLC Platforms. She is passionate about social issues, travel, and fitness. She is a diabetes supporter and is dedicated to providing those living with diabetes with resources to help manage their diabetes. A desire to help is at the forefront of everything she writes.

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