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How Communities Are Part Of My Life

My name is Nonie and I have had Diabetes for 29 years along with other health conditions which make it sometimes very tricky to deal with. I am a mum of 3 children my youngest being 10 and also being a pre-pubescent type 1 warrior. I am grateful to the diabetes community for the support that we get as being able to swap ideas and experiences is brilliant. I have recently done a live sports webinar with paul coker aka 1 bloody drop. Khalid Keshta the bodybuilder type 1 diabetic expert nutritionist etc plus The Muhammed Ali the first boxer with type 1 diabetes to get his pro boxing license with type 1 diabetes.  Honestly, I did wonder why I was asked to take part in a live webinar with sports stars but in our daily life we can’t all be extreme athletes but we can all encourage and support each other’s efforts with exercise and Type 1 diabetes. Remember people laughter plus insulin with a hypo treatment ready always is the best medicine.  Educate be open and empower the children.

  I would also like to say that growing up we didn’t have any social media or any diabetes support groups.  These days it truly means so much to me and to my 10-year-old son as well. I have taken part in many podcasts now with Jamie Lowe on his Type 1 diabetes podcast All4One etc. I am so grateful for the opportunity to talk to experts and fellow people with type 1 and if we inspire or help even 1 other person and encourage them to talk about type 1 then I feel I have done some good .its good to talk we are Stronger Together. Kind regards Nonie. 

Nonie Dougal
Having Type 1 diabetes is like riding a rollercoaster permanently.

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