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Journey of Acceptance

Being a diabetic is hard for itself, everyone has their own path to acceptance and good results.  We all go through discovery, denial, understanding, learning, acceptance, highs, and lows, not only the literal ones. Every individual has their own story with Diabetes. Society doesn’t help us feel better in the process, it’s hard to find out someone who really knows about the disease or wants to learn about it instead of talking and babbling about things that they don’t know, that are just common sense.

I’m not here to talk about how I accomplished acceptance, or how should you pursue it, after all, as I said, we all have different stories and paths. In general, what works for me, may not work for you. But, for someone who has had a rough battle with a diagnosis like mine, the part of “denial” took years of my life, from a 7 years old kid trough a 20 years old young adult, and now, a 23 years old that is finally in peace with the disease and its own numbers. I may have a thing that works for everyone, and I must share it.

I’ve had 3 doctors for 16 years of diagnosis, the first 2 endocrinologists were good, but in this journey, being good it’s not enough. My third and actual doctor is good, but it’s not just that, he understands, listens, and recognizes me, and that is what matters when choosing the health professionals that will take care of you, endocrinologist, nutritionist, psychologist, all the medical team must be speaking the same language as you are. We have our needs, our peculiarities and they must be listened and understood in order to make Diabetes more like a temperamental, but cute, animal than rocket science.

What helped me in this long process of shame, highs and lows numbers, denial, was my current doctor, he always makes me feel safe and understood all my phases, helped me in all my bad work, and cherish my good work, no matter what I was going through, he was with me and helping me. Last year I’ve finally accepted, 100%, my disease, I’m not ashamed anymore, I’m at my best exams results and I’m really sharing off my Diabetes, on Instagram and on my new store for diabetics and people around them, but if it weren’t my doctor’s help and support, I wouldn’t be proud of where I am, and who I am.

So, what’s more, important in all this journey, for me, and I think for most people, is not only a good doctor but a doctor that is good FOR YOU

If you want to watch and follow more of my journey, my Instagram about Diabetes is @diabeticada and my Diabetes’ Store instagram is Feel free to message me!

Renata Caridá
23 years old with 16 years of diagnosis studying to go to med school and running two diabetes instagram account, one for information and a store!

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