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My Diabetes Journey

To start off you know my journey was very rushed because when I found out I had no knowledge of type 1 just type 2 so I thought the only thing I had to do was eat healthier but as we went through the training I was sitting there like how am I going to make room for this in my life and I have to make room for this? that doesn’t seem fair and so it was my first night from the hospital I feel so weak and I check my blood glucose it’s regulated I see that number and burst into tears because if this is a healthy number I don’t want to feel like this ever. I was checking and checking day by day taking and taking injection by injection until one day I was so emotionally drained and exhausted I just stopped I was eleven years old and never felt so bad in my life but I pretended to put on a happy face the absolute only thing that made me feel worse was when I started taking care of myself again and at endo appts. They said I was a superstar and one of their best patients but I hated it because it took so much work I thought I was the only one who understood but I wasn’t. I found the camp and social media influencers and gave speeches to kids who related and it’s not better now but I’m glad to have such a loving community. 

Lake Wilson 

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